About Us

Have you wondered how much time an average person spends getting Indian groceries, anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Ever got lost in the store trying to search that one obscure item, wish it would be as easy as searching on Amazon? We too, we wanted wide selection, easy search, and quick secure checkout. We didn't find a solution, so we started Fast Indian Grocery.

It is no fun taking time away from family, getting out in the Michigan cold to buy groceries. We wondered if others felt the same way, we asked our friends & families, and their friends. Turns out most of us are no fans of this shopping chore.

We are a local Michigan business, focused on bringing Indian grocery to your door step. While we were at it, we also added some daily need items so you don't have to make a late night dash to the grocery store. We will make it an awesome experience for you and your family, give us a try.